Discover the Artistry of Fran O'Neill: Plush's Latest Collaboration

From left to right: Daniel Hammond and Fran O’Neill at the opening of Fran’s latest show, 9/1/23.

Do you enjoy the art that adorns the walls of Plush? They are the brainchild of a local and gifted artist, Fran O'Neill. As part of our ongoing artist collaboration series, Plush is honored to host Fran’s unique work for the fall season. 

Three pieces from Fran O’Neill’s "Simillimum" series, only at PLUSH

Fran O'Neill is a true, dyed-in-the-wool New Englander having grown up in Taunton, Massachusetts. And for over two decades, he's been producing his remarkable art right here in the heart of Provincetown. Art has been his lifelong passion, as was evidenced even at a young age when he won the highly competitive Kellogg's “Stick Up for Breakfast” drawing contest. 

Fran's journey led him to study at the University of Massachusetts in North Dartmouth, where he honed his craft and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration. After graduating, he embarked on a fulfilling career as a Freelance Illustrator and owned his own thriving business, "Scratchy Studio," for over 14 years. His impressive résumé includes collaborations with notable names such as "Cosmopolitan," "The Boston Globe," and Fidelity Investments. Fran's artistry garnered recognition through these distinguished institutions, showcasing his undeniable talent in the art world.

Fran continues to innovate and transform his work through his experiences. He's now on a journey exploring the world of Natural Medicine at the New York School of Homeopathy, reinterpreting observations from his studies into his art. As part of this exploration, Fran unveiled "Simillimum" this past April, a series that infuses the homeopathic principle of "Like Curing Like" into his art and is expressed on wooden canvases. These works seek to harness the energy of wood grain, creating what he calls "Healing Art," with the intention of passing on those uplifting vibes to anyone who gazes upon his work.

Currently, Fran shares a studio space at the Provincetown Commons, where his ongoing exploration of graphic shapes and color is perfected on reclaimed wood. His distinctive pieces are crafted using vintage frames, plywood, oil stains, and oil sign paints. Here at Plush, we’re excited to collaborate with Fran on this next phase of his journey - his graphic shapes lend themselves well to PLUSH intarsia sweaters and one-of-kind printed silk/cotton kaftans and will be a major influence on PLUSH design for the season ahead.   

Stop in to see more artwork by Fran, or visit his Instagram.


The “Balance” Fran O’Neill kaftan - currently sold out.

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