Curtis Speer, Creating Brand Identity Through Art

Curtis speer

Blending the roles of model, photographer, and acclaimed artist, Curtis Speer has firmly established himself as a master of imagery. He's not only the charismatic face you see on the Plush website photographs but also one of the creative minds behind numerous designs featured in the Plush shop. Through his mastery of visual representation, Curtis continues to impart his unique vision to the Plush image, refining the brand’s identity with his art.


Curtis Speer


In his latest collaboration with Plush, selected photographs from his Still Life collection have been manipulated by the artist and converted to screens. The images are then printed on silk cotton fabric and used to make kaftans and dresses. The resulting garments are dramatic, large-scale representations of Curtis Speer’s still life concepts, bringing a kinetic energy to his static compositions. The limited edition pieces are available at both the Plush shop in Provincetown as well as Curtis’ CUSP Gallery and Lifestyle space in Newport, RI.

These new projects are a natural extension of his diverse skill set. For well over a decade, Curtis has honed his ability to perceive the world from distinct angles, influenced by his deep connection with nature. This innate perspective, coupled with a fascination for light, has become the driving force behind his work. Capturing the intricacies of life, color, texture, and emotion, Curtis's photography presents a captivating narrative that goes beyond aesthetics.

Curtis is well acquainted with collaborative brand imaging and development having led ambitious projects  with prestigious names such as Neiman Marcus, Williams-Sonoma, and Nike. Through these partnerships, he mastered the complexities of design, set styling, and visual display, shaping his unique approach and technique. 

Curtis's distinct approach to photography goes beyond the visual realm; it's about creating a tactile experience for his audience. His prints, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, invite viewers to engage intimately with his art. This connection between the viewer and the artwork blurs the lines between photography and painting, inviting contemplation and introspection.

“Curtis’ distinctive visual technique translates seamlessly to the designs. His images strike that rare balance between softness and crispness that comes across beautifully in a finished garment.” Plush designer, Daniel Hammond


You can experience Curtis Speer's latest artistic evolution by visiting his gallery in Newport, RI - CUSP Gallery and Lifestyle, where he expands his vision beyond the printed image. Designs by both Curtis and Daniel as well as other curated artists are featured as part of Curtis’ immersive design concept that blends touch and scent with visual elements for an innovative approach to thoughtful living. Better yet, plan a visit to Newport and join the Friday night gallery stroll in Newport for a nuanced perspective on Rhode Island’s notable art scene. 

You can explore more of Curtis's captivating art on his website, and follow his artistic journey on Instagram.



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